10 Tips to say Luxury Home Sold

10 Tips to say Luxury Home Sold

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10 Tips to say Luxury Home Sold

Myers Jackson Texas Flip and Move Star Talk’s Luxury Home Marketing

Myers Jackson is well known for auctioning homes that people move and flip. Another fact is his ability to sell luxury homes. The luxury home market is alive and well and there are mansions in the county side from Hattiesburg to Helena. A quick search of “11 Spyglass Hill Auction will enlighten you on the dynamics of how to market luxury homes” says Myers Jackson, an Accredited Auctioneer of Real Estate.

“It’s not what you are selling, it is how you sell it and the marketing behind it” says Jackson, also a DIY Network Star. Folks are calling Myers Jackson America’s Auctioneer and with good reason. Myers Jackson has sold multiples of properties across the county from prestigious horse farms, southern plantations and luxury homes. The taste of selling luxury in 2002 happened while taking a position and traveling the country from Miami into the Highlands of North Carolina, Upstate New York and as far west as Beverly Hills, California. Now many people always ask what is the crazies thing that Myers Jackson has ever sold at Auction. The answer was, painted models at the playboy mansion. One word “EPIC”


The introduction to selling luxury properties was an opportunity Myers Jackson did not take lightly. In the last 17 years as a traveling auctioneer coming across some pretty epic items like an executive mansion at the cross roads of Mississippi is a grand experience or how about a 1 mile horse track in the “Horse Capital of the World” in Ocala, Florida.

Here are 10 Tips to selling luxury property offered by America’s Auctioneer.

  1. Be confident. Assurance is golden.
  2. Master a marketing program, get constant training.
  3. Understand how people are using the internet to search.
  4. Utilize every resource available, it takes just one to buy.
  5. Find a great, talented graphic artist that wants to excel.
  6. Work together with a tech guru who van debug happenstances.
  7. Get to know a trusted web designer, try to understand what they do.
  8. Create a marketing proposal that can be used to execute the marketing plan.
  9. Get to know the competition, who are working in the same global spaces.
  10. Be seen…Video and Photos are rich content that elevates the User Experience.

…(Like Myers Jackson jumping in a pool: hat, boots, jacket, tie and all)

Executing a marketing plan to sell executive style homes comes with attention to detail and demanding hard work. Do not let the Friday night bright lights break up an important sequence in the marketing schedule. Case in point, the last month was two great racing events known world-wide. Everyone was talking about the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness. Consequently, a marketing campaign was set to highlight some very important properties and yes that took some Friday night last minute marketing evaluations. The point is pay attention to the plan and execute at all costs.

Reporting by Jake Jackson and Apprentice Auctioneer under the Direction of Myers Jackson. Seeing first-hand the exciting events that have happened in the last decade and listening to the stories that Myers Jackson (my dad) and the many Auctioneer’s he has worked with across the country.


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